Marketing Considerations & Principles

Here are some of the things I believe everyone should consider when developing their marketing plans...

Principle 1: People don’t read, they SEE!

Humans acquire 93% of their information through purely visual cues, in the following order: Colour; Shape / Structure; Numbers; Words - they don’t read – they SEE

Principle 2: Colours should mean something...

A combination of Red/Yellow/White = value or promotions in most retailers.

A mix of green / brown = health cues.

Think about what meaning has already been established and whether you want to follow or disrupt.

Principle 3: Just because we write it, doesn’t mean anyone will read it 

The stats are roughly as follows... the average consumer is exposed to 5000 messages each day. Of these they notice 1% and retain 0.1%. Therefore its vital to create relevant touch points with consumers and multiple media choices are key to achieving this.

Whilst your messages and media choices will vary by objective, according to the IPA, £ for £: multi-media campaigns are 15% more effective than single media campaigns. It should also be noted that every media channel has certain attributes which dictate what role they should play in a customer’s journey to purchase.

Principle 4: Your mind ignores events it's not concentrating on

Did you see the Gorilla? (And yes... I know this image is not a Gorilla!)

We as humans have a limited capacity for attention – limiting the amount of information we can process at any particular time & our attention is directed to objects and events rather than spatial locations. This learning should play a pivotal role in our thinking towards marketing & communicating with our consumers.

Short & sweet to get your marketing brains going...

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