Every business deserves a Marketing Director

Many businesses face the same dilemma... they are successful, growing and have aggressive targets. They need marketing expertise but are working with modest budgets. They need an experienced, strategic Marketing Director to help them develop and plan their marketing activities. However they also need a hands-on 'do-er' to implement the plans. These companies often can't afford to hire multiple people and they struggle to find someone who can (or is willing to) operate at both levels. The outcome is that they almost always do not get what they want or need. 

Let me give you an example. Company A wants to hire a senior marketing person, let's say a Marketing Director, to help guide and drive their business forward. However, they only have a budget of £65,000 available.  This isn't enough to get a high quality Marketing Director (with 15+ years experience) so they recruit a good quality senior marketing manager (whom they title Head of Marketing or Marketing Director). This individual can do a good job but is too experienced for the day-to-day 'grunt' work that is required and not experienced enough to strategically guide the business forward. I wonder if this is the best use of their budget? 

I would suggest a completely different and slightly more radical approach. I would hire a £40,000 a year marketing/brand manager with 3-5 years experience to manage the day-to-day marketing activities. I would then commit the remaining £25,000 to hiring an external marketing consultant on a retainer (approx. 3-4 days per month). The consultant would then operate as a virtual marketing director, establishing the strategy, developing the plans and managing them ongoing as well as coaching the in-house marketing manager. This combination (for the same budget) will give Company A much more for their money, thus delivering a greater return on their investment. 

This is one of the services we offer at Brand Champions. In truth, we can actually do even more preventing you from even having to hire anyone internally.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider working with us:

  1. We provide the same services as an in house marketing department. Operating as a virtual marketing director, we will plan which activities to do, when to do them, the costs involved, how to activate them and how to measure their performance.

  2. We have the right level of experience and proven business success across multiple industries to be a long-term partner

  3. Very easy with limited risk. Just an agreed statement of work with a short notice period should you ever wish to stop receiving the service.

  4. Our experience and network often means that we can save our clients money or deliver more value for the same budget. This is driven by our network of talented partners (individuals and companies), all hand-picked based on personal experience of their experience and knowledge to deliver specific client needs.

  5. We are used to operating at a senior level and as such are completely comfortable managing internal teams, external agencies and presenting to the Board and other key stakeholders.

  6. We do not just "consult" and leave you with a pretty calendar, a to-do list and an invoice. We get sh*t done. Sleeves rolled up. Hands dirty.

  7. We are here to make your plans happen. We can either execute your plans for you or help you to do it yourself. We will implement your plans using our own skills and by partnering with a network of trusted specialists – ensuring that the activities happen on time, within budget and deliver the right results

  8. We can provide coaching and training for in-house marketing teams to help them become self-sufficient.

  9. We are a much lower cost than hiring an in house Marketing Director – essentially all the expertise without the payroll impact! (No recruitment fees, holiday pay, NI, sick pay). In truth, with costs starting from as little as £1,500 per month, the barriers to having the marketing advice and support you need just disappeared.

Whats can we do?

Have a look round the website to see what we can do... in essence, everything you would expect (and more) from an in-house marketing team!

For more information, a tailored quote or to get started, please get in touch today...

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