Jog on kitties...

I LOVE the Cravendale adverts around 'The Milk Matters...' I think they are inspired.  Very simple, slightly odd and quirky, consistent but meaningful. 

For anyone reading this who doesn't know what I am talking about, Cravendale is a brand of milk produced by Arla Foods and was the first milk brand to be officially approved as being beneficial for teeth. It is filtered to remove bacteria before pasteurisation and as such the milk lasts longer, stays fresher and is in theory more tasty than normal pasteurised milk. 

In 2011 Cravendale launched a new TV campaign called Cats With Thumbs featuring Bertram Thumbcat as its main protagonist.  In short, the advert implies that Cravendale is the greatest milk there is, the cats want it and the only thing stopping them getting it is the fact that they don't have opposable thumbs.

The reason i really like these adverts is threefold...

First, I like the fact that they have found an insight which is that cats like milk and have used this to imply that if the cats want Cravendale then it must be good quality. This allows them to avoid having to explain all the details as to why it is better.

Secondly, their integration of the campaign across TV, Radio and the website is fantastic.  They are giving the same message to all, consistently and in a unique way.  They are also playing to the strengths of each medium.

Finally, the best  part of the whole advert is the fact it finishes with the phrase 'jog on kitties'.  This is an insult, meaning 'f*ck off' which came from the British film "The Football Factory".  So they have closed an advert by telling a bunch of imaginary cats to f*ck off.  Love it!

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