Do you have a brand or just a logo?

What has become apparent since starting Brand Champions is the number of people and companies who believe that their logo is their brand and that they can jump straight into design and copy-writing.  

I fundamentally disagree.  In my opinion, your logo and your brand are two related but different things.  A logo, on its own, is just a graphic element with a name. A brand is the culmination of all our work – our consumer knows we exist (awareness) and when she thinks about our brand, she thinks about the things we want her to (our positioning).

So how do we go from a logo to a brand? How can you create an underlying strategy that helps you communicate your personality, passion and knowledge and creates an emotional connection with your customers.

One of the key requirements is a clear brand positioning. This doesn't necessarily mean hiring an expensive agency and spending £50,000 on developing the perfect brand model.  What you need to do is clarify your company’s attributes into a simple model that encapsulates the essence of your business and describes who you are and why you exist.  This can normally be created quite easily based on the knowledge that exists in the company already. (Although an external perspective can help see the wood for the trees!) 

Once this exists, the clarity on your key benefits, core messages and personality will enable you to create a strong creative identity which works across all marketing channels and communicates your key messages, quickly, effectively and in a compelling way.  This is not just your logo but a wide range of creative materials including business cards, email templates, website, advertising, packaging and more.  

When everything is brought together (i.e. an iconic logo, a strong creative identity and a clear brand strategy) you will find creating and activating marketing plans much easier.  This means you will be able to communicate your key messages and benefits to your target audience enabling you to drive brand engagement, sales and profit. 

Al Achenbaum: “What distinguishes a brand from an unbranded commodity counterpart and gives it its equity is the sum total of consumers’ perceptions and feelings about the product’s attributes, about how it performs, about the brand name and about the company associated with producing it”.

So.... do you have a logo, or do you have a brand? 

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